GLO Cheats 2018: 5 Top Latest Android/Laptop Cheats

Check Out the 5 Top latest GLO Andriod/Laptop Cheats For 2018.

Top 5 latest GLO cheats in 2018

If you at looking for the Top GLO Cheats for 2018, you are in the right place. We offer you the latest and best Glo and cheats that works on Andriod phones and laptops. Remember that this cheats are subject to lucks, If you don’t have luck in one, you should go ahead and try the other cheats.

Meanwhile in this post, i will introduce to you guys the top 5 best Glo cheats for 2018 and How to activate them.
This are processes that had been tried out by us and we can assure you that these Glo cheats are really working.

As you are reading this post, you might be tempted to try the first one you see  but i will advice you to read it through before making a choice. Futhermore, if it didnt work for you, alert us in the comment section to check out the problem. Meanwhile you can tell us how it has helped you out using the comment box.


  1. Glo Cheat Using Psiphon Handler.

This is amongst the Glo cheat you can activate using a software or an app. For you to activate this cheat, you will have to follow this procedures below duely.

  • Download and install Psiphon Handler
  • Launch and open your PSIPHON HANDLER Settings
  • Make sure to check in Remove port box
  • In proxy type: Dual Real Host
  • Proxy server: proxy type: HTTPReal
  • proxy port: 80

Once you are finished with this move to OPTIONS and select the UNITED STATES as your region.

In addition, you can tap on MORE OPTIONS, click on CONNECT THROUGH HTTP, and enter as Host address and 8080 as Port
Once you are done with this,you can now click on the connect button and move on to use your cheat.

 2. Glo Settings Using Anonytun  Vpn  App.

For you to be able to do this cheat, here are certain things required of you to have.They include;

  1. A very strong GLO network.
  2. A GLO sim without data and airtime.
  3. The Anonytun vpn app(which i will show how to get below).
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Once you have provided the folowing requirements, the next thing to do is to set up your APN  settings and the procedures can be seen below

             APN SETTINGS

The APN settings needed for this cheat can be seen below;

Once you have gone to your phones network settings, configure it as folllolws;

Name: GLO 00

APN; 176.90.6868.67:4430@_ultra

APN Type: Default

Proxy: Blank

Port: Blank

Username: you should leave it blank.

Password: You shoud leave this blank too.

Once you are through with this, the next thing you should do is to download and install Anonytun vpn app and set it up. You can follow up this procedures to download and set it up.

⇒Go to google play store

⇒Search for Anonytun vpn beta.

Anonytun vpn beta app

⇒After you have dowloaded, it you open the app and click on stealth setting

Anonytun vpn stealth settings

⇒Once you are on the settings page, set it up as it was done below on the screenshot;

Anonytun vpn stealth settings

⇒Make sure to check in custom tcp/http headers button so that the edit custom tcp/http headers will be accessible and set it up like below.

Anonytun vpn stealth settings

⇒When you are through with the settikngs,click on generate and a  pop up like below will appear.

Anonytun vpn generate button

⇒Click on save.

 ⇒ Go back to the main app interface and select best performance server or any other server. as it was done below;

Anonytun vpn stealth settings   Anonytun vpn stealth settings

The next thing to do is to hit the connect button,another pop up will emerge which you will have to click “ok” and it will go ahead and connect.

Anonytun vpn stealth settings  Anonytun vpn stealth settings

After it has connected, you can now browse, stream and download unlimitedly.

                      3. GLO Free Browsing Cheat Using Jolific Prepaid Plan

For you to use this browsing cheat, you must migrate to their jolific plan and you need to be in an area with a strong network. If this criterias are okay,you will follow the procedures below to activate it.

Procedures For Activating GLO Free Browsing Plan.

  • When you insert your Glo sim card into your mobile phone, dial *603# to migrate to the GLO jolific8 plan(Glo Jolific8 is a prepaid plan gives joy to its  subscribers by offering them an 800% bonus on  recharges among other bonuses).
  • After you must have migrated to this channel you need to confirm that you have successfully migrated to the plan and to acheive that the only thing you will do is dailing  *100#.
  • To know if it is really working, recharge your Glo line with at least ₦100 airtime and you’ll get a reward of 5.4GB data.
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                            4.  GLO Free Unlimited Call Credit Cheat

I just want to introduce this fantastic cheat to my fellow GLO users. There is no need borowing airtime. If you implement this cheat,you are good to go. The following simple processes below will direct you on  how to imjplement this plan .

>Insert your glo sim card into your phone

>Dial *170*3# and you will get a bonus

>Continue dialing it until you have an airtime up to #10000 and above

However, the call rate here is 40k/s but you dont have to mind because once it finishes,you will redial the code and get back to full swift.

Also, some glo simcards dont activate this code but what you have to do when your glo simcard didnt activate it is to remove that 3 in the code and add 2, if it didnt work still, remove the  2 and add 1. If it still didnt work,you might need to change the sim cards.

NOTE: [from my own private observations, i dont think that this plan  works on new glo sim cards].

                              5. GLO Sky VPN Cheat

This will be the last but not the least of them all. As a matter of fact this is the one that i like using best,so you might like it too. But before set this up,there are certain things required of you to do and i will outline it below;

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⇒First of all, download the Sky VPN app in ggoogle play store and install it.

Sky vpn app settings 2018

⇒Open the app and click on the three small lines at the top left corner to access premium traffic

Sky vpn app settings 2018 Sky vpn app settings 2018

⇒Once you have accessed the premium traffic, you will see 500mb based on the time you opened it(what i meant by this is that it is 500mb the time i composed this post). Look for “DAILY CHECK IN” and click on it to get 100mb. Check out on directions given below;

Sky vpn app settings 2018Sky vpn app settings 2018Sky vpn app settings 2018

⇒Also click on “i am feling lucky” to earn extra megabyte. Once you have done this, you will observe that your megabyte has increased to 625mb. In addition, if you want more mega bytes you can go on and do so many offers.

Sky vpn app settings 2018 Sky vpn app settings 2018

⇒When you are through with this,return to the app home page and click on the “premium” button there, a pop  up will ask you if you want to upgrade,select upgrade and take united states as your region.

Sky vpn app settings 2018

⇒The next thing to do now is to connect with your free browsing by tapping on “connect”, clickl ok and wait for some minutes for it to  establish connection.

Sky vpn app settings 2018Sky vpn app settings 2018

In conclusion, i am very happy to be introducing these genuine cheats for you and i really know that it will work out for you.

Also you need to understand that there is nothing bad in sharing with your brothers, just tap on the share button and you are good to go. If you see anything confusing or you might lke to ask me some questions, you can use the comment section or the contact us form.

NOTE: Everything here are subject to futher changes and i advice you to visit us regulary  should in case we update anything or subscribe to our newsletter.

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