Reasons My Products Don’t Sell Online And How To Fix It.


Reasons My Products Don't Sell Online And How To Fix It.

It is never a good feeling when you show up your products online and get zero returning sales or no sales at all or is it?. I don’t think so.

As a matter of fact, if you are experiencing this problem, a lot of online marketers has experienced this kind of problems but they overcame it later. I reached out to some top online marketers and from there story, I found out why they all failed and I also saw how they moved out of that slump to become famous sellers.

Therefore, i am going to show you guys some of these reasons and how to fix it in this my article.

Reasons My Products Don’t Sell Online And How To Fix It.

When I said product here, I refer to both online and offline products, therefore, whichever one you market, this post will go a long way to help you out. Meanwhile if there is another way you will suggest, do it using the comment section.

1. Don’t Over-Hype Your Product.Don't Over-hype You Products To people

I don’t know how you will feel when you see an eBook that shows “How to promote my products” on its cover but on purchasing it, you get to see tips on “How to build your relationship”. It’s stupid right?. And if I don’t think you will buy something from that website or store again. So whenever you want to write a description about your product, make sure whatever you say about that product be what it really does. What you have to do is to check out How the product can help people, the type of people it will help and target them.

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2. Being Late On Deliveries.

Don't Be Late On Deliveries
Everyone likes those who keeps their promise to them (even me too). So if you can’t be fast on deliveries, look for someone to do or don’t engage at all in online marketing. Also, I checked out the statistics of online marketing and saw that everyone who delivers delivers faster, makes up to 78% sales increase every month. It might not be your fault that you delivers late, therefore I recommend a little thing you have to do regarding this.
If the problem is with your product not being ready until when ordered, make sure to include in your terms and conditions stating the time you will supply it so that your customer will be aware.
However if the problem is that you don’t have someone to deliver it for you, you have to find someone online to do it for you. Just check out indeed, upwork, fiverr and Facebook jobs, you will definitely see someone to do it. Hope this is helpful to you?

3. Not Knowing Your Audience And Competitors

Know your Audience and competitors


Imagine living in this world without knowing your left and right hand, this is exactly what you are facing when you don’t know your audience and competitors because they are your secret of making big sells. I once told someone having this problem that over 80% of people complaining about their product not selling online is as a result of this. You know that your product have a specific people that needs it and also those that sells the same product. However, what you will have to do is to check out where the people that needs it ate and how many people that sells it online too. You can use semrush, Ahrefs to check for both your audience and competitors.

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4. Not Knowing Your Customers Well.

Know your customers well

Lots of people experience this problem (even me too). While selling out your products, you will meet different categories of customers. Some will be gave mature while some of them will like to find a reason o curse your product. While trying to build myself on this aspect, I discovered how to deal with such customers and you can check it out here.

5. Not Doing Giveways And Product Discounts.

Doing Giveways Helps You To Sell more

Most of the popular online stores that makes millions of sales daily like Jumia, Konga e.t.c. uses giveaways and discount to retain their customers. For instance, dey year, we have jumia and Konga black Fridays also whenever you purchase from jumia and use their pay through check out, you will get a 5% discount. I am not telling you to start doing giveaways and discounts now but you have some products that have stayed for a lon time on your website, why not turn it out to gain more customers. Just know that sometimes you have to buy your customers gifts and this is the best way for that.

6. Wrong Product Promotion

Promote my products right

You have to be constant with the promotion of your posts and this should be on daily basis. At first, it will seem as nothing is turning up but after sometimes, you will see a huge turn over and you definitely come to thank me.

Meanwhile, to achieve this, you will have to promote your products on the right sites and places. You can find free places to promote them like Facebook, twitter and Instagram. However, there are so many websites that you will pay to promote it for you. Learnestech is among the website that will require a little token for it. Just check our Advert rates here.

With these points above, I think that I touched the mistakes you make while selling your products. Therefore, you will have to tell me the one that interests you the most using the comment section below.


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