How To Bargain And Win A Customer:Everything You Should Know

bargain and win customers

Have you been having problems with your customers? Do you find it hard to bargain with customers? Have you been having a hard time winning a customer?. I can assure you that great marketers of today experienced the same problem so you don’t have to panic. However you have to follow up all the procedures I outlined below and see

How To Bargain And Win A Customer.

1. Give Your Customers A Nice Welcome.

When someone enters into your shop or chats you up online indicating interest in your product, it is how you welcome them that will make them to come again or leave forever. Let’s use a two step conversation below to analyze this.

“ Customer: Hello sir.   

    Me: Hello, what can I do for you?„

While the second conversation is like this;

Customer: Hello sir.   

    Me: Hello dear, how are you doing? 

     Customer: I am fine and you?   

       Me: I am okay. I am modestus, what can I do for you dear? 

       Customer: I am Cynthia by name, I want to know how your product works.„

Can you see the difference between the two conversations?. Even if you lose the second person as a customer, you will definitely be friends and one day he/she will buy from you. Therefore how you welcome a customer is the 1st step to winning the customer.

2. Tell The Needful About Your Product.

I would have asked you to tell everything about your product, but I realized that so many people will only be praising their product. (No! you don’t have to do that). Just give them a brief information about the product so that they wont regret buying it.What you should include in your information includes

  • what your product really is
  • The set of people it is meant for.
  • The reason he/she needs the product.
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Don’t Try To Trick A Customer.

This is among the reason people don’t get customers. Before a customer comes to you, he must have been to so many places so why will you try to give him/her fake product or increase the price. Just be straight foward.

Stick To Your Word

If you are selling a product, know that your word is your bond. Don’t tell a customer something in the morning and change it into another thing in the evening, it bring abut lack of trust.

This is to mention but a few ways to do win a customer. If there is any way you think that we didn’t put, we will be glad to see it in the comment section below.


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